Integrating her own personal life story with the scientific and psychological concepts of urban trauma, Dr. Akbar details her heartfelt trauma journey and leads the audience in creating new pathways of hope and possibilities of healing. Her keynote speeches set the tone for any event or meeting by capturing the essence and importance of the topic at hand. During a time when society is in the middle of great flux, these keynote addresses provide motivation and enthusiasm for audiences seeking change and hope.


Educating various audiences on the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); urban (racial) trauma; and allyship. Dr. Akbar addresses the prevalent, but previously neglected collective and inherited trauma that forever changes the lives of Blacks, Indigenous people, and people of color (BIPOCs). These webinars and workshops are a platform for honest conversations and collaborations as Dr. Akbar guides participants through engaging discussions and education. This curated content provides participants with learning tools that integrate the concepts of DEI principles and the utilization of those concepts in their professional capacity.


Live training is available upon request. Please see the COURSES section for immediate access to our online training series. Training education can be provided for large or small groups and can be customized to an organization’s or individual’s specific needs. These training sessions are an in-depth focus that provides for a deeper understanding of various diversity topics while getting to the core of organizational strategy. Training is an opportunity for continued professional growth in the DEI space. Training examples include implicit/unconscious bias, health disparities, educational inequities, workforce development, education disparities, allyship, urban or racial trauma, mass incarceration/juvenile justice, racial justice, and more upon request.

Events & Conferences

Using expert moderation techniques, Dr. Akbar is available to facilitate, review, and guide panels on various topics. By staying on topic, Dr. Akbar delivers on the promise of the discussion and identifies the interwoven themes amid possible differences among panel participants. She is also available to provide breakout sessions and to be an active participant in robust panel discussions.

Executive Coaching

Dr. Akbar provides her almost 20 years of experience as an expert clinical psychologist, advisor, and healer. As the creator of the Urban Trauma® framework and the Allyship Identity Model, she is poised to support both BIPOC and white leaders alike in their pursuit of creating racially equitable organizations. Coaching is available through in-person and virtual consultations and provides guidance and support with personal development, career advancement, leadership development, and any other concepts that may require her wealth of knowledge. This is a more individualized approach for gaining advanced knowledge about the principles of DEI. Executive coaching is a dynamic way to grow as an individual by discovering unconscious bias and learning the tools needed in the areas of equity and justice.

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